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 make money with olx kenya

How to make money with Olx Kenya

Olx Kenya as explained in the previous posts is an online classifieds where buyers meet sellers that’s the main purpose or rather that’s how Olx Kenya markets itself as the place to sell new and old products for free.

we all know buying and selling products online isn’t easy as it Olx Kenya might make it sound from the adverts,if it was everyone would be sitting online making money from their mansions. It’s a little harder than that as you need to have money to buy the products to sell to make money with olx Kenya and you need to also be able to pick the right product to sell or you will be stuck with dead stock that no one wants to buy.

How to make money with olx kenya without products to sell

Here are few ways you can make money with Olx kenya without buying or selling products.

  1. Offer a services- Olx Kenya much like allows you to post services that you offer that can range from book keeping,graphic design and cleaning, it all depends on what you can do.You can actually make some decent money if you do it right.As Olx Kenya has more of sellers you can offer services that are related to the most sold and posted products on OLX Kenya .
  2. Be a broker- You can make money with Olx Kenya by been a broker,currently in Kenya only 40% of the population own smartphones meaning less then half percent of Kenyans can access Olx Kenya but with the excessive marketing Olx Kenya has been doing every one who wants to make money with Olx Kenya by selling their products on Olx Kenya.So what you would need to do is move around Kenya from one market to another and offer traders that don’t have smartphones the service of putting their products on Olx Kenya which you would do by taking pictures of their products uploading them on Olx Kenya and writing captivating descriptions to ensure that their products are sold and you would either charge them a commission for every product you sell or you can charge them a standard fee.A  good example would be the Masai market as a large number of the traders don’t have smartphones but they have products they would like to sell and competition is very high in the markets they sell their products and some times the customers coming to the market aren’t many.

There you have two ways to make money with olx kenya without buying or selling products and don’t forget to register with and convert your free time to extra money.