Microsoft advertising campaign:The Surface 2 against the iPad

Posted: November 28, 2013 in Uncategorized
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With the festive season getting into full swing Microsoft launched a marketing campaign to capitalize on the expected surge in sales,releasing not one, but two additional advertisements attacking the iPad. Both commercials compare the Surface 2 to the iPad Air, but instead of degrading the iPad, the company places the focus on the surface 2 features and the current season.

The first ad focuses on cooking apps, which is an appropriate theme given the Thanksgiving holiday. The ad highlights the kickstand on the Surface 2 tablet and its hands-free operation that’ll allow you to cook comfortably without soiling your device. It’s a fair point that could matter to some of the messy cooks in out midst.

The other ad appeals to a family who share a tablet and use it for different purposes. On the Surface, parents can setup different profiles for themselves and their children. Each child can customize their profiles, while parents can monitor usage. This is another area where the iPad falls short. Despite repeated calls for profiles, iOS 7 still only supports a single user on a device. The iPad can be shared between people, but they all share the same apps, documents and customizations.



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