Digital Billboard Advertising

Posted: November 17, 2013 in Emerging advertising media
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Digital billboards are roadside displays that alternate advertising messages approximately every 8-10 seconds with approximately 6-8 advertisers utilizing the same location. The use of these contemporary billboards has recently emerged as a more dynamic approach to reaching mobile demographics (middle-aged, working consumers) in comparison to traditional static displays.

The most significant aspect of this technology is that it gives the advertiser the ability to instantly change and update a network of billboards from one spot. This medium is most beneficial to advertisers who wish to communicate a concise message that will increase name recognition and brand awareness through high frequency and constant exposure.This digital technology has also been implemented to increase the safety and security of communities by the keeping society informed of issues that pertain to them, including: breaking news headlines, weather reports example: Digital billboards helped keep the public informed after the Boston bombings.

Advantages of Digital Billboards.

There are several strengths to be noted of the Digital Billboard: Flexibility for instance-unlike traditional vinyl billboards, digital billboards allow the advertiser to schedule ads to run at several different times throughout the day rather than deciding on a single ad for a single venue. In addition, with digital advertising, it is possible to immediately respond to market conditions- if an advertisement needs to be altered, it can be changed immediately, sent to the outdoor advertising company in email-form and then it can be scheduled to run instantly.

Disadvantages of Digital Billboards.

In contrast however, there are weaknesses as well. With advertisements in constant rotation, there is no exclusivity to a location; unfortunately, competition may be sharing the same billboard. Also, digital billboard rates can be more than two times the rate of a traditional billboard space; however, as cost to construct these new models decreases, availability will increase causing rates to diminish.



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