Pictures a strong tool for marketing.

Posted: August 8, 2013 in Marketing case studies.
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As the say pictures are worth a thousand proven by this guy Hugh,looking for a room to let can be a daunting task so he has to market himself the best way he can and so he does on craiglist.He gets a ten out of ten for his creative use of the white board and a few words.


main-qimg-9dab7362da406daf4332235e62aefab0main-qimg-11500f16ed30a6ed9077b4350be5149dmain-qimg-a7246902d4545712a00f7ad6554fb85c   main-qimg-5cf0c57404534bef2f679a182a80f267 main-qimg-b450f42445f7fa4b18d6956a7a8f438c main-qimg-523cf669870e0c3b224ca46d717fb1bc main-qimg-8c7c0f8a3a74a16c876ca343e9d75db1 main-qimg-cac0e6dccdc8df2e342e963ee83b1efd main-qimg-27b55f4265e6e3bce6b0095ce82ce0ef main-qimg-4ed8d0c527390040338a1a411c16f8d5 main-qimg-6e4b2eadbc824d9b14878478cdb4096f main-qimg-69eb4a748e01ba4430d41eb643534a4a


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